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About Gratitude Studios


Hello and welcome!

I am Cathy Lee, creator/owner of Gratitude Studios.

I am also known as marruliaminilikuluk (the dear mother of the twins). I'm a recently retired Nunavut educator and educational leader and I took up painting after a near fatal accident in some hurricane force winds in Pangnirtung, Nunavut. The accident caused a number of major fractures to my right arm (yes, I'm right handed!), torn ligaments and muscles, and the ensuing pain condition, CRPS, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome as well as PTSD. Painting was and continues to be a major part of the healing process in which I find a sense of gratitude and calm. I draw inspiration from the northern Canadian landscapes that I call home (Nunavut, my adopted home, and the Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, my birth home).

My goal is to create and share that sense of gratitude 

and calm through fine art and wearable art of those

alluring spaces of land, sea and sky.

May they bring you gratitude and calm also. Be Well.


Fine Art

I draw inspiration from the land, sea, and skies that surround me.

I love working in watercolours and acrylics. The land, sea, and sky scapes I paint, tend to be abstract representations of the incredible scapes I encounter in my former Nunavut home or my Bruce Peninsula, Ontario home.

I aim to create images of fine art and for wearable art that evoke a sense of calm and gratitude.


Canadian and ethically-made,

eco-friendly garments

Gratitude  Wear

by Gratitude Studios

Available for purchase at:

Art To Wear

I am thrilled to have partnered with the Canadian company, LeGaleriste, of Montreal, QC. LeGaleriste carefully prints my art and photography images onto fabric using eco-friendly inks and then their skilled and talented seamstresses sew the material into wearable art pieces (from tops, to bottoms to home decor). They take pride in producing Canadian-made, eco-friendly and ethically-made garments.

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