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Overwhelmed with the busyness
of a hectic daily life?

Find or refind that sense of gratitude and calm by surrounding yourself in calming Northern Canadian landscape paintings or wearable art

Gratitude and calm inspiring wearable & fine art


Canadian and ethically-made, eco-friendly,
art to wear

Gratitude Studios has partnered with LeGaleriste of Montreal, QC, to print the art and photography images onto fabric which are then sewn into wearable art. Wrap yourself in Canadian and ethically- made wearable art!




Your images are so calm and show joy.

        Susan & Paul

Wow! These are beautiful and soo soft. I love the material.
              Julie B.


What a story, Cathy. Your passion for what you are doing shows! You are glowing, even after what you have been through.
                   Kathy & Jim



Recent Work

Cumberland Sound Aurora

Midnight Peninsula Forest

Peninsula Forest Walk

Hello and welcome! 
I'm Cathy

I have known all too well the busyness of a hectic daily life, and the joy of finding that sense of gratitude and calm. I draw inspiration from the northern Canadian landscapes that I call home (Nunavut, my adopted home and the Bruce Peninsula, my birth home).


Berry Picking, Cumberland Sound, NU

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